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Lost your PSV Badge, or had to return it to the Traffic Area Office?
Well I can now make a Replica" badge for you. Just contact me via the "Contact Me" page and I will do my best to help. As you can see from the images posted, I can do all the different font and colour styles.
*Unfortunately there is no brass clip, but it comes in a leather badge holder*
A plastic 'Brooch type clasp' can be provided.
There is no way I can find out your old badge number if you have forgotten it, as all records have been destroyed.

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COLLAGEAA 57227 before and after.Badge rear with claspBB 52182BB 71622BB 84404BB 90038CC 114980 Cond CC 92794 DriverCC 129149DD 77011DH 281960EE 40360EE 52177FF 19434 CondHH 48734IMG_3602IMG_3617IMG_3987IMG_4564IMG_4626

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